Now you can close on your property without any stress!

Property transactions involve many legal and financial details. With multiple parties in a transaction, things can get complicated if you are not familiar with the process. With over 30 years’ experience in real estate closing Coral Springs, we are here to help you close all property transactions seamlessly.

At CA&T, we provide on-site and off-site real estate closing Coral Springs and escrow services for buyers, sellers, brokers, and lenders. This includes:

  • Preparation of settlement statements
  • Review & execution of lender documents
  • Preparation & execution of conveyance
  • Post-closing transmittal of required loan documents
  • Recording all documents
  • Escrow & disbursement of funds
  • Distribution of the documents

What are closing & escrow services?

As an escrow service provider, we hold legal documents and payments for a property transaction on behalf of the buyer and seller. These are distributed according to pre-determined instructions by the buyer and seller. Both the buyer and seller can use escrow services. In some cases, a lending party may be included in the escrow services.

The buyer will usually request the escrow holder to release the property price only after certain predetermined conditions have been met. Similarly, the seller will instruct the escrow holder to hand over the property deed to the buyer only after their requirements have been met.

Why CA&T?

  • We ensure a smooth closing process.
  • We maintain a strict impartial escrow service.
  • We offer freedom from an important, but tedious process of verification.
  • With CA&T taking care of legal matters, you can ensure a quick turnaround time.
  • We strive to protect the interest of all parties.

As an attorney-owned and operated title insurance agency, we offer a clean and smooth closing process. With a team of experienced professionals in real estate closing Coral Springs, we believe that every problem has a solution and will help you find them.


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Thanks to all the staff at the Coral Springs offices for a job well done. When I use Capital Abstract & Title to do my closings, I rest assured that all details will be handled and that nothing will cause a delay. Thanks much!