Month: August 2021

What Does A Real Estate Closing Lawyer Do For You?

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling or buying a property, it is best to have a real estate closing attorney with you. The attorney will make sure that everyone understands the complicated real estate closing process and everything is done accurately.

Real estate closings are not a simple and straightforward process, especially if you are new to this complex world. This is why most sellers and buyers seek the help of a real estate closing or title lawyer Boca Raton. If you are wondering what a real estate closing lawyer does, we are here to help you understand that.

Title Examination

It is essential for the lender and buyer to have a clear property title for real estate closings. After receiving the purchase order, the real estate closing attorney will thoroughly examine the property title. The attorney will evaluate things like encroachments, easement, and restrictions during the title examination.

In addition to that, a real estate closing attorney will also check if the property title gives the right for the seller to sell his property to the buyer. This will help attorneys to identify if there are any pending mortgages that need to be paid before transferring the title.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is important when it comes to real estate closings because it will offer protection to both the buyer and seller if there happens to be an issue with the title in the future.

Get in touch with an experienced Title Lawyer Boca Raton who will help you with drafting an opinion about the property title. This document is required for issuing the title binder, which is an essential requirement for getting title insurance. Title insurance will protect the rights of the buyer to the property, which is why you should definitely have it.

Four documents required for a Title Closing [Infographic]

This infographic titled ‘Four documents required for a Title Closing’ provides us with an overview of documents required during the closing process.

Title refers to the ownership of the property, meaning that you have the rights to use that property wholly. Title also means that you can transfer that interest or portion that you possess to others. During the settlement process, the closing agent thoroughly reviews the new lender’s instructions and requirements, reviews book of instructions from other parties to the real estate transaction, reviews loan documents, assembles prospective charges, prepares closing statements, and calls for the closing procedure. Closing documents often include a description of the property duly signed by both parties. Deeds are the most important papers in your closing package because they contain the statement that the seller transfers all stakes in the property to the buyer.

For more information, please refer to the infographic below.

Four documents required for a Title Closing
Four documents required for a Title Closing