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Be wary of wire fraud when buying a home

While homeownership rates have been rising in many markets and among many segments of Americans, so has a sophisticated type of wire fraud that takes direct aim at consumers.

By now, many of us are familiar with how real estate wire fraud operates and the “how” behind the scam is a familiar one. After years of planning and dreaming for their family’s future, many Americans are ready to take the step of purchasing a home. Sophisticated cybercriminals insert themselves into the process, sending emails pretending to be a legitimate real estate or title industry professional, instructing the target to wire money to scammers instead of the correct bank.

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Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer for a Commercial Sale

If you are looking to sell a commercial property, it is always best to go through an agency that also offers the services of a real estate lawyer Coral Springs. A real estate lawyer has many skills that can be useful in such cases:

Looking out for your interests: When it comes to hefty real estate investments, remember everyone is looking out for their own interests. The developer and the buyers will often come out with a list of reasons to knock down the price — from zoning laws, environmental costs to property condition and liabilities. An experienced lawyer has the tenacity and skill to handle negotiations while ensuring that your interests are always protected.

Handling big deals: Big commercial real estate projects must be handled carefully due to the sheer amount of money and legalities involved. Any mistake can threaten your investment and jeopardize the entire enterprise. A real estate lawyers Coral Springs can handle deals for you. They have the skills in negotiation to see that you get the best deal possible and they can handle the massive volume of paperwork, checking it in legal terms. This not only saves you time, money but offers you a level of protection in the future.

Ensuring zoning laws are observed: When it comes to commercial property, zoning laws are important. These laws determine the type of commercial work and the environmental laws that must be followed for a given piece of property. A real estate lawyer will research the zoning laws ensuring that any deal you sign protects your investment and interest.

Title search/insurance: Real estate lawyer Coral Springs also deals with title search and insurance. A title search is conducted to see if there are liabilities or claims against the property that can threaten ownership. Title insurance protects against any losses due to a title dispute.

What You Should Know About a Contract

Buying a house is a very important decision and entails a significant investment. Although it is not necessary, hiring a Coral Springs real estate lawyer is highly recommended. An attorney will ensure that real estate transactions always protect your interests. A lawyer will also help you understand the legalities surrounding any such transaction.

One of the essential aspects of the sale is the purchase contract. This contract will determine your ownership and the price you will pay. There are some crucial aspects that you must know, and a Coral Springs real estate lawyer can help you with it. At the very least, you must know the essentials of any contract. To be legally viable, a contract must have:

Written: A contract must be made in writing to be enforceable. Verbal contracts where an owner has sworn to sell your property will not be considered valid.

Price: The contract must clearly define the purchase price of the property and clear terms on how those are to be carried out.

Address: The property should be clearly identified. A legal definition of the property should be included and often contains more than just the property address to ensure there is no ambiguity surrounding the location of the property.

Names: The contract must clearly name the parties involved. If there are multiple sellers or buyers, each party’s name must be clearly mentioned.

Particulars: The contract should list everything included in the property sale. For instance, residential properties often include window treatments, heating or cooling systems, stove, or gas range. Commercial properties may include inventory and equipment.

Time: The contract sets a time frame and will include a closing date, and time that the transfer of ownership will take place.

Finally, a contract must be signed by both parties. Furthermore, each party must be of sound mind and legal age. Sometimes, particularly in commercial transactions, the contract can be signed by a legal representative. It is essential that you get the contract reviewed by a Coral Springs real estate lawyer before signing.

Factors to Remember Before Commercial Closing

The closing of any property negotiation is often the most important part of the process. This is when all details are documented and the contract finalized. There are some factors that you must keep in mind before a Boca Raton commercial closing:

Setting the date

The closing date is agreed upon during the signing of a purchase and sale agreement. It is usually set at a certain future date to allow both parties time to prepare for the final sale. When agreeing on a closing date, it is always better to avoid dates that are just before or after an important holiday. The closing date should also be set well before an important deadline, such as a tax filing, to ensure that last minute delays don’t interfere.

Be available

Make sure you are available on the date of your Boca Raton commercial closing as well as the day before and after. Your lawyer and real estate agent will be finalizing the paperwork and you may be required to supply last-minute documents, paperwork validation, or other important information.  Matters can also crop up that may push back the closing date by a day.

5 Reasons to Hire an Attorney when Buying Commercial Property

Buying a commercial property usually involves a substantial investment in time and money. So, it’s important to see that your investment is protected by hiring Coral Springs real estate attorney.

Save time and effort: Buying any property can be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort. Apart from searching for the right property, there are inspections, negotiations and other matters to be settled. It can be particularly hard for someone who already has a business to run. Hiring a lawyer is a bit like outsourcing all those tedious details to an expert.

A network of professionals: A Coral Springs real estate attorney will have a wide local network of reputable professionals including inspectors, that are necessary when securing financing for real estate purchases. Without a lawyer, you will have to find these people yourself.

Handle negotiations: Property transactions involve a lot of research as well as negotiations. Unfortunately, driving a good bargain is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must also have some knowledge of property sale trends and price ranges in Coral Springs. An experienced lawyer will have a good understanding of price changes and property appreciation.  This is critical in negotiations.

Comply with zoning laws: When it comes to commercial properties, zoning laws are very important. They dictate how a property can be used and developed. Some properties are meant to be residential, while some are for commercial use. If you do not comply with these zoning laws, you may end up with a property that is of no use to you. A Coral Springs real estate attorney will ensure that you are always in compliance with zoning laws.

What to do Before Buying a Commercial Property

If you are buying commercial property,there are many rules that govern these types of transactions. Hiring a real estate lawyer Coral Springs is highly recommended. Here are some of the things an attorney can help you with:

Appraisals: The property should be fully inspected before any investments are made, no matter how amazing it may look on the outside. An appraisal will give you an idea of the work the property may require in the future.

Checking the neighborhood: You cannot choose your neighbors, but you can choose the neighborhood! What is the average income of your neighbors? Is it close to residential areas? Is there a competing business nearby? What is the crime rate? What is the general reputation of the area? Try to get answers to these questions so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Rent potential: If you already have tenants or are planning on getting new ones, the rent potential of the property becomes important. What kind of tenants can you expect? What is the average rent in the neighborhood? What kind of escalation of rent can you reasonably expect over time? This is vital to choosing the right commercial property.

Zoning laws: The use of commercial properties is dictated by zoning laws and this will significantly affect your own investment. Get your real estate lawyer Coral Springs to advise you on this matter.

4 Qualities that Sets a Good Real Estate Attorney Apart from the Rest

Real estate transactions involve large amounts of money. Several researchers have suggested that real estate dealings are a common target for fraud. There is a lot of paperwork that must be completed and If you don’t have a legal background or have never done a real estate deal before, the process may be overwhelming for you. It is highly recommended that you have a real estate attorney in Boca Raton by your side during the process of buying or selling property.