A Beginner’s Guide To Property Title Search

Closing on a new home is not as easy as it may seem. There are several elements involved in closing on a home, which can be very difficult to grasp for new homeowners. One such element is the property search. The National Association of Realtors recently revealed that about nine percent of closing delays are due to issues with the property title.


Most of you have probably heard about title searches several times, but you might not know what it really is or why it is necessary. If you are stuck in such a scenario, it is best to gain a clear idea on the title search Weston. The property title search is crucial because it helps new homeowners avoid issues and delays in the closing process.


What Is Property Title


In simple words, the property title documents who the owner of the house is, which means it gives you a clear idea of who is eligible to sell the house to another person. Identifying the owner may seem fairly straightforward, but it isn’t especially when there are liens on the home that may affect the right of the buyer to sell the property.


The person who is the owner of the home is the one who has the right to sell the house. For instance, if a husband and wife are trying to sell their house, but the house is owned by the wife, then only she has the right to make the selling decision. This can get fairly tricky in certain situations like divorce.


What is Property Search


A property search can be defined as the process of searching for all documents related to a certain home or property. If you wish to know more about title search Weston, it is best to get in touch with experts.

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