Frequently Asked Questions on Title Insurance Policy

Do you wish to own a property without any property claim disputes? Do you want to get protection against any unwanted legal claims over the property you purchase? You can get a property with assurance or ‘warranty’ to get proper legal assistance against any property-related claim.

Title Insurance Agencies in Boca Raton can help buy the best title insurance policies without digging deep holes in your pocket.

If you are purchasing a property, it would be a great idea to buy a title insurance policy, as it can compensate you in any title-related disputes and also covers the legal expenses.

How long can the title insurance stay functional?
The lender’s policy for title insurance lasts until the mortgage amount is paid in full. The homeowners title insurance policy lasts until the owners and his/her successors are alive and stay interested in the property related matters.

Title insurance: what it doesn’t cover?
As a homeowner, you may complain that there’s oil leakage, dampness & mold, or a termite issue inside your home, and you may want to obtain compensation for that. But title insurance does not protect you against the home’s conditions. Rather, it deals with ownership related issues.

How to calculate the title insurance cost?
For the title insurance, all you need to pay is a one-time premium to keep all the ownership related disputes at bay. The cost of title insurance is calculated by the insurance agency’s cost (rate per thousand) multiplied by the property purchasing price.

Can you take ownership of a property without purchasing title insurance?
Of course, you can buy a property without any title insurance. You can look for the public records and do some research, but the entire process would take up a lot of your time and effort.

Consider hiring Title Insurance from a reputed Agency, located near Boca Raton, and have peace of mind when you purchase a local property.