Infographic: Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

You should hire a real estate attorney in Coral Springs to help you witha commercial property transaction. An attorney can give you legal advice throughout the process of your real estate deal. During a closing, the property’s deeds are transferred to the buyer’s name. To avoid complications now or in the future, an attorney will make sure that your transfer is smooth and without error.

What can you expect at closing?

The closing date is usually agreed upon during the negotiation stage. The seller will determine the date that the transaction must be closed to avoid unnecessary delays. At closing, the seller will bring the property’s keys and deed. The property deeds are signed and handed over along with the keys.

The buyer (or the lender), in turn, will transfer the funds to an escrow agent. After this, the new deed is registered with the local land registry office. This is done by the buyer, a lawyer, a notary, or a title company.

What is the lawyers role?

The lawyer will ensure that all formalities are taken care of and that the deed is foolproof. CA&T provides services for settlements and closings, title insurance, title endorsement, escrow service, 1031 exchanges, and title searches.

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