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Factors to Remember Before Commercial Closing

The closing of any property negotiation is often the most important part of the process. This is when all details are documented and the contract finalized. There are some factors that you must keep in mind before a Boca Raton commercial closing:

Setting the date

The closing date is agreed upon during the signing of a purchase and sale agreement. It is usually set at a certain future date to allow both parties time to prepare for the final sale. When agreeing on a closing date, it is always better to avoid dates that are just before or after an important holiday. The closing date should also be set well before an important deadline, such as a tax filing, to ensure that last minute delays don’t interfere.

Be available

Make sure you are available on the date of your Boca Raton commercial closing as well as the day before and after. Your lawyer and real estate agent will be finalizing the paperwork and you may be required to supply last-minute documents, paperwork validation, or other important information.  Matters can also crop up that may push back the closing date by a day.