Why Should You Conduct a Title Search Before Purchasing Property?

A real estate lawyer Coral Springs may offer title search services. This includes, but it not limited to, searching public records and gathering underwriter information to identify the actual owners of the property. The purpose of the title search is to identify any hindrances, legal judgments, liens, tax, or bankruptcy issues that can affect the title of the property in the future. Here are the main reasons why you need a thorough title search before purchasing a property:

Error in records: Anyone can check the public records for property title; however, errors still can and do occur. Any contesting claim that was omitted due to human error is still binding. In other words, you need a thorough search that will check for all existing claims.

Any error in prior deeds: Perhaps these were made carelessly or by someone who was not qualified to make the deeds. It is also possible that certain relevant details were not disclosed when previous property deeds were drawn. But these errors can still affect the present title. A lawyer will ensure that all loose ends are tied and signed off.

Unknown debts: Any old unpaid taxes or loans against the property can become your headache when you buy it. So, it is imperative that these are checked thoroughly to ensure that there are no unpaid liens, taxes or loans.

Undiscovered heirs and claims: These are third-party claims that can threaten your own title on the property. A real estate lawyer Coral Springs has the means to dig out any such claims.

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