Why You Need an Attorney at Your Property Closing

A lawyer may not be legally required to be present in the closing of a property purchase, but having one throughout the process is highly recommended. Closing of a property finalizes the sale or purchase. A Coral Springs real estate attorney can:

Help you with anydocumentation: Any real estate sale requires careful preparation and signing of various documents such as sales agreement, various NOCs, real estate transfer deeds, tax documents, and bank loan papers, if any. An attorney can help you get these documents prepared and signed in a timely fashion.

Assist with the Purchase and Sales contract: This is the foundation of a property sale or purchase. Any mistake with contracts can cause issues for all parties involved. Contracts must have all necessary provisions mentioned clearly, such as pricing, any restrictions, covenants and easements. The contract should also mention liabilities, such as the seller’s liability for any faults, or specify the terms of payment. While a broker can prepare this document for you, a Coral Springs real estate attorney can help you understand it and make sure it has your best interest in it.

Assist with a title search: Some lawyers offer title search services. The purpose of a title search is to search for any other party that may have a contesting claim on the property title. Any contesting claims can affect your ownership of the property.

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