What Services Does A Title Company Provide?

Title companies play multiple crucial roles when it comes to real estate transactions. Title companies usually serve as the combined agent for the seller, buyer, insurance company, and others like mortgage lenders. Simply, title companies issue insurance policies, reviews title, files, records, paperwork, and facilitate real estate closings. Let’s take a brief look regarding the different services offered by title companies.

Title Search and Review

Most professional Title companies usually have an expert team in their title review and search departments. These departments of title companies focus on reviewing documents and public records that are related to certain real estate property.

The information gathered during the title search and review is usually passed on to all parties involved in the real estate transactions. Apart from this, most title companies offer title research information, which will help buyers and sellers know if there are any legal actions related to real estate property.

Act As Closing Agent

Title companies will also act as closing agents to help complete real estate transactions. This implies that the title company will act as an agent for all parties that are involved in the transaction. If that’s the case, then the title company will obtain signatures for all closing documents related to the transaction.

In addition to that, the title company might also be responsible for receiving and distributing payments that are related to real estate transactions. Here are some other services offered by most title companies in the country.

  • Title companies act as escrow officers
  • Title companies issue insurance

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